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About the WPSA Turkish Branch

World’s Poultry Science Association


The World’s Poultry Science Association was established on July 18, 1912 as the International Association of Poultry Instructors. In its first meeting Edward Brown from the United Kingdom was elected President and Raymond Pearl from the USA was chosen as Secretary.

The association was renamed in 1928 as the “World’s Poultry Science Association”.

Its members come from all sectors of the poultry world: poultry scientists, instructors, agricultural engineers, veterinarians, government officials, students, breeders and poultry farmers. In fact anyone with an interest in poultry can be accepted as a member.


WPSA Turkish Branch


The Turkish branch of WPSA was established in 1973 under the name of Bilimsel Tavukçuluk Derneği and has always played an important role in the development of the poultry sector in Turkey


Objectives of the WPSA


  • Gather knowledge on all aspects of poultry science and the poultry industry and to bring this knowledge to the poultry industry, poultry scientists and other people with an interest in poultry.

  • Bring together worldwide those concerned with all aspects of poultry science, poultry production and the many diverse ancillary enterprises that are associated with the industry.

  • Dedicate itself to the spread of knowledge so that education and training are ranked high amongst the interests of WPSA members.

  • Promote good poultry husbandry.


Objectives of the WPSA Turkish Branch


  • Bring up qualified persons for the poultry sector.

  • Collect and disseminate knowledge of all aspects of the poultry sector.

  • Organising national and international meetings.

  • Trying to solve the problems of poultry industry and acting as a bridge between the poultry industry and government agencies.


The Benefits of the WPSA Turkish Branch for the Turkish poultry sector

The benefits of WPSA Turkish Branch are further explained in our activities page.

Benefits of WPSA Membership

The World's Poultry Science Journal

The WPSA began publishing its own journal the “International Review of Poultry Science” in 1928. Initially it was published in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and it continued until 1940. In 1945, following the end of World War II, the journal was revived under a new name, the World's Poultry Science Journal, and was published on a quarterly basis. After 1980 the journal was published three times each year, returning to a quarterly frequency in 1997. The journal is published in English and is sent to all WPSA members.

The journal contains articles and review papers on all aspects of poultry science, reports on global developments in poultry production, reports from congresses, symposia and working groups, book reviews, association news, calendar of forthcoming events and summaries in Chinese, French, German, Spanish and Russian.


World’s Poultry Congress

Due to the hostilities of the First World War, plans for an international gathering of poultrymen in 1916 were abandoned. As a result the First World's Poultry Congress could only be held in The Hague, the Netherlands in 1921. The delegate list for this event shows 384 names representing 23 countries. The spirit of international collaboration established at that time has continued to be a strong characteristic of the association ever since. The series started in 1921 at three-year, and later, four-year interval. The 22. World’s Poultry Congress was held in Istanbul in June 2004. From the first, these scientific and technical events have been associated with exhibitions of poultry and the commercial sector, so helping to strengthen the bridges between science and practice.

Federations of WPSA 
The WPSA includes two federations of regional branches: The European Federation and Asia-Pacific Federation. Each federation holds a congress at four-year intervals between the World Poultry Congresses. The European Federationconsists often working groups and the Asia-Pacific Federation has three working groups.
The working groups organise symposia, every two years, in odd years between the World Congresses and Federation Congresses.


Following a suggestion by Dr. W.P. Blount (United Kingdom) in 1946, the first national branch of the Association was formed on October 23, 1946. At that time the two countries with the largest WPSA membership were the USA and the United Kingdom. Branches began to be set up throughout the world. Today the WPSA has more than 80 branches with over 8000 members.
Besides the World’s Poultry Congress and Federation meetings, national branches hold regular meetings and are involved in supporting their national industries.


WPSA Awards

WPSA Awards are presented to an individual or organisation that has made a major contribution to poultry at each World's Poultry Congress. These are the WPSA Research Award, WPSA Education Award and WPSA Industry/Organisation Award.


Speaker’s Bureau

The Speakers’ Bureau consists of a register of scientists who would be available to attend WPSA meetings of branches or regional meetings sponsored by branches or federations. The WPSA assists branches in developing countries to cover the travel costs of expert international speakers, whereas the branch itself is responsible to cover the accommodation costs during the speaker's stay.


Travel Grant

The grants provide international travel assistance for young WPSA members to attend and participate in regional and global WPSA conferences.


Working Groups of the European Federation

There are 10 Working Groups:


  • Economics and Marketing

  • Nutrition

  • Breeding and Genetics

  • Quality of Eggs and Egg Products

  • Poultry Meat Quality

  • Reproduction

  • Hygiene and Pathology

  • Turkey

  • Education and Information

  • Physiology


Four meetings of the Working Groups of the European Federation were held in Turkey: 

These are:

  • 10. European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition, 1995 Antalya

  • 1. Waterfowl Symposium, 1999 Adana

  • 15. European Symposium on the Quality of Poultry Meat & 9. European Symposium on the Quality of Eggs and Egg Products, 2001 Kuşadası

  • 18. European Symposium on Poultry Nutrition, 2011 Çeşme

  • 24. European Symposium on the Quality of Poultry Meat & 18. European Symposium on the Quality of Eggs and Egg Products, 2019 Çeşme


Working Groups of the Asia-Pacific Federation

There are 3 Working Groups:


  • Family Poultry Farming

  • Waterfowl

  • Ratites (Ostriches, Emus, Rheas)

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